2010 Seedlings

I don't know how other Ohio hybridizers did last year, but the 2011 Seedling Season here at our gardens was pa-the-tic! We might have had 10% of our new seedlings bloom, if that. I can only assume it was the weather the year before. It started too wet, and went from there to waaay too hot and dry, and despite Richard's watering, the seedlings suffered.

Add to that, I was side-lined with a severe injury to the same knee I had just had replaced, which resulted in yet another surgery, and I had to sit on the driveway and watch Richard have all the fun of my favorite gig---the hybridizing.
2011 goes down as my least favorite summer....EVER!

On the good side, sometimes less is more. A few of the blooms we DID get to see were quite interesting and showed a lot of promise.  One can only hope they will have a lot of 'company' in 2012.

Here are some of the 2010 seedlings, as seen in 2011. Stay tuned, and hopefully I will have many cool babies to add to this page after this year's bloom season.

These three are out of a sibling to sibling cross of two Return To Sender X Skeezix seedlings. Guess which one is my favorite. :)
These two are very small UFs out of a teeny seedling of my daughters [Patchwork Puzzle X Unknown] X Bark At Me. We seldom work with dips, but I'm quite fascinated by what we've been able to get out of this mixed ploidy experiment.
Bali Watercolor X [Return To Sender X Skeezix]
(If you are not using Dan Bachman's Return To Sender with your favorite spiders and UFs....you are missing a bet. RTS has given us some of our best seedlings in it's babies and grand babies.
And then there is "Henry"....a seedling we talked Dave Jackson out of that is a super pod setter with anything we put on it. The seedlings above are from [left to right]...Watermelon Taffy, another Dave Jackson seedling we call "JAFO", and the third one...OMG!!! ....is out of Halloween Hocus Pocus pollen. I love Henry!!
Orange Grove X Heavenly Pink Fang
[Return To Sender X Skeezix] X Bali Watercolor