Susan's 2013 Registrations
My criteria for 2013 registrations is the same as that make me happy. Some were picked because they were pod setting machines, and good pod fertility is a top priority for me. I believe that if hybridizers continue to breed that one plant that came from the only pod from the cross, pod fertility will diminish and finding really good pod parents will become rare. While one of my registrations is admittedly a total bust as a pod setter, it has super hot pollen and makes excellent babies. They HAVE to have one or the other to survive here very long.

Another reason I register a particular daylily is because it has a sentimental or special meaning held only by me. Those are the ones that I don't expect others to appreciate the same way I do. And that's OK. There can never be too many daylilies, IMO, because no two people ever have exactly the same tastes And doesn't that make things interesting?

So, here goes. My 2013 offerings, which show that I obviously still have no set goals. I just like what I like and I'm having fun!. :)
Buckle Up Buttercup
Buckle Up Buttercup, or "BUB" for short, actually came from a cross I won on the Lily Auction. It's out of Frank's Hot Tamale X Dream Candy. There were prettier faces in the cross, but this was the 'plant' of the lot. Good increase, heathly leaves, decent branching and bud count...and a color that screamed "LOOK at MEEEE!!"...from clear across the garden.

Add to that, the all-important pod-fertility factor, and I decided I needed to register this somewhat ordinary-looking, Fooled-Me-on-steriods cultivar.
Memory Garden
If you are looking for pod fertility, and like eyed varieties, this one might be right up your alley. Yes, it's rather plain by today's standards....but it is a pod setting fool, and it makes very interesting, big-eyed babies.

It's pedigree is old-school, which is kinda where I came up with the name. It's out of Sabine Baur X (Admiral's Braid x Daring Deception) I don't allow  space in my garden for Admiral's Braid or Daring Deception any more, but I'm beginning to think that using all these new fangled cultivars, without an occasional infusion of the old blood for that vigor they carry, is the very reason that so many cultivars fail miserably in the pod department. JMHO.

This is a smallish flower, 5", with a 30" scape, and generally has 15 or more buds. Nearly every flower we pollenated made a pod, and most of them were crammed full of big, fat seeds. For a parent, this may be one of my all-time favorites.

Here are a few of my favorite Memory Garden babies for this year:
Memory Garden X Song Sung Blue

Memory Garden X Eyes Right Jones

Memory Garden X On The Fringe
This Is Austin

We always name some of our registrations for our dogs. "Austin" still graces our lives, and as I write this she is 12 years old. (the dog, not the daylily) She's been a total sweetheart. It's appropriate to name this flower for her, as is a good, healthy, sturdy plant that is very pod fertile. Austin is the mother and grandmother of the best of the best for us, and we expect her namesake to produce some cool UF forms .

Return To Sender X Skeezix
The DAYLILY "Austin" can take many forms.
AKC Champion/UKC Grand Champion

HER form made her a stand out in the show ring.
We lost her March 18, 2015.
She was almost 14 years old.

Too Hot To Hoot

The name is a palindrome.... it reads the same backward as forward. The flower is also named for a good friend's dog. The dog's call name is "Bob". So....when we refer to this daylily....yep...we tend to just call it "BOB".

This yet another seedling from Return To Sender. This time the pollen contributor is Primal Scream, so it's obvious where the screaming orange color came from .
The picture above is not the one I sent in to register the's just the one I like the best....[Bob's "morning face"]. This is another of those flowers that changes form, especially as the heat of the day increases. It's slightly shorter than I like, at only 24", but it's 8" bloom sets above the foliage, and has enormous curb appeal.

"Bob" also sets pods very well and has produced some future keepers.

Here are a few of the other faces of "BOB" :
The imageon the right is the one I sent in to AHS. "Bob" starts out the morning in the shade, but as the sun hits and the heat builds, the quilling becomes very pronounced.
Song Sung Blue

This Blue-eyed beauty was sent to me as a seedling to evaluate by Bonnie Holley. After a short couple of years in our garden, it had increased to a nice clump and proved itself to be not only a super pod-setter, but an excellent parent as well. [Two of it's offspring can be seen with their pod parent, Memory Garden.

Bonnie and Stan had decided not to continue with their breeding program, and Bonnie sent me the paperwork to register this lovely flower in her name and mine. We will always be greatful to Bonnie for all the exceptional seedlings we have had the honor of growing in our garden, even before many of them were introduced. We've dedicated an entire display garden to Goldcoast intros and un-named seedlings, which we call "Goldcoast Ohio." This cultivar is the centerpiece of that garden, and one of our favorites.

VERY pod and pollen fertile.

Get Shorty
First Star To The Wright
Patchwork Puzzle X Unknown Diploid

When we first started hybridizing, my daughter, Jill Wright, brought an adorable, tiny miniature to our home. She had lost the tag, so we didn't know if it was a dip or a tet. So we tried it's pollen on Pardon Me [dip], [as I suspected the mystery flower WAS a dip], and also on Patchwork Puzzle [tet]....just to be sure.

Well....the pollen made pods on both. We eventually phased out the Pardon Me babies, as they all looked like Pardon Me.

But the Patchwork Puzzle kids were all different, and all cute. We don't dabble in dips much, we are considered by our breeder friends to be 'Tet Snobs', but we did try a half-harded test breeding to see if these seedlings would swing both ways too. One did, but it was the least attractive, and was also phased out.

First Star To The Wright has turned out to be the pod-setting fanatic of the bunch. While all of them set pods readily with diploid pollen, this one sets nearly every try and the pods are packed with seeds. We have been playing with breeding it to smallish spidery types, and have a whole 'litter' of cute, funky little UF shapes.

All of Jill's seedlings will be named with "Wright" as part of the name. There are endless possibilities. :)

Here are a few of FSTTW's babies out of Bark At Me:
Jill Wright-Susan Hamilton registrations
Bonnie Holley-Susan Hamilton registration
Dave Jackson-Susan Hamilton registration
My 'pick of the litter'.
Wright In The Kisser

Jill and I both think this is the prettiest of the cross,and the smallest at barely 2.5 inches. Due to our limited space, and my relative lack of interest in most diploids, I have not kept any seeds from WITK, but I have plans to dabble with it next season.

These two miniatures have sparked as much interest as Richard's fang-tastic CHITTY CHITTY FANG FANG. [click Richard's link below]

If you've read this far, you've probably noticed, that I have not taken the time to put in much in the way of stats, nor have I listed prices. I keep my prices very reasonable by today's standards, and all transactions are by private interaction or by Facebook. I can be reached to give any and all information to interested parties by emailing me at:

ringing me up at:


or, hunt me up on Facebook. I'm often found hanging around various Daylily groups, and go by my real name, Susan Hamilton, on my Timeline. At some point in the future, I might list some of our intros on the Lily Auction. My user name there is 'justsue'.
Check out Richard's 2013 registrations
This is my favorite seeding from Too Hot To Hoot so far. The pollen contributor was yet another Dan Bachman seedling.
Cry Wolf

"Wolf" is one of our favorites, but this guy is just a 'guy'. No pods to date. Luckily for Wolf....'his' pollen is super hot, and he makes gorgeous, toothy babies.

Wolf's teeth start out slow, especially on cool mornings. But after a couple of warm days, the teeth get very pronounced. The teeth cover the sepals as well as the petals, and we've even seen teeth expand to the inside of the petals.

Another auction seed find out of
New Tangerine Twist X Heavenly Velociraptor.
Early season teeth
Striking as a poly.
Our favorite "Wolf" baby so far, and a definite future registration. Pod parent: Sharky's Revenge

Dave's pedigrees are complex and too hard to remember. Admiral's Braid, Angel's Smile, Tet. Barbara Mitchell and Startle figure heavily in the background of many of his lovely flowers. He gave us "Shorty" a few years ago, and this year we decided together that "Shorty" was well worth registering. At 20" x 5" it is definitely a front row plant, but the height challenge is made up for by the uniqueness and charm. Fertile both ways.

Dave and I have several cultivars that will be registered next season. Be sure to check back and take a look.