Susan's 2012 Registrations
Richard and I decided to 'take the plunge' this year, and register our first few daylilies. We would like to emphasis the word 'register' as opposed to 'introduce'. This page is to showcase what we have decided to honor with a registered name, and will be the only place we will advertise them as 'intros'. We are very small hobby breeders , and will not be offering color catalogs, general sales lists, and shipping will be minimal. While most of our registrations/introductions will be available for sale, on a limited basis, they are basically something we are doing for ourselves and a few of them may never be offered to the public.

When we decide to register a daylily, it might be to remember a friend we have lost, or just because we find it has some trait that we feel deserves to be passed on, or for our own silly, sentimental reasons. Thankfully, there are no daylily registration police to tell any of us we can't spend our $15 just for our own pleasure. Our 'intros' are not as fancy as most, they just 'speak' to us.

It's our hope that anyone who wants one of our daylilies will live close enough to come and pick it up in person. Shipping is not something we want to get into on a regular basis, but we will make exceptions. We will try to keep our pricing competitive and fair, and are always open to negotiating a trade.

Since Richard and I are both involved in the hybridizing of every seedling, [he does all the hard work, and I do the planning and book work], we decided to each choose what we wanted to register. Mine are all on this page....Richard's can be seen by clicking the link to his page.

(Return To Sender X Wild Wookie)

Named for our friend, and very good neighbor. His passing was a tremendous loss to many, and this big, bold flower was chosen by his wife, Laura.

No two blooms are ever alike on this seedling,
but each one is eye-catching.
The hotter the day, the more it curls and twists.
"Freddie" has some serious curb appeal!

Tet  Sev  34"  8.5-9"  MLa  Fra
{VERY limited at this time-will price it Spring 2013]

Very fertile both ways
(Dave Jackson Sdlg X Madiba Magic)

We call this classy daylily "Jordan" for short, because our dear friend, and elkhound partner, Kathleen Hamilton, chose this one to name for her heart dog, who died of cancer long before her time. Foxboro Party Of One ["Jordan"] was a singleton puppy, and quickly became Kathleen's favorite. She will always be missed.

Tet  Sev  32"  5.5"  EM  Fra
$100.00 per double fan in 2013

Easily fertile both ways.
(Frankie's Fantasy X Star Asterisk)
Tet  Dor  38"  8" 
Registered as EM, but sometimes it lasts until fairly late in the season.
[$100 for a double fan, beginning Spring of 2013] Fertile both ways and already producing babies worth watching...
like the big spidery thing below.
Seedling 11-38
(Madam I'm Adam X Spinnerbait)
[see Madam I'm Adam on Richard's page]

(Return To Sender X Skeezix)

During the three decades that we raised, trained and showed Champion Norwegian elkhounds, I agonized over every registered name. After all...these pups could wind up in the show ring, and their names would often be seen in print. Each name had to be just right. Now that we are retired from the dog show scene, and have turned our love of breeding from canine to cultivar, I figured....why not 'recycle' some of the names of our favorite dogs?

This pretty UF was chosen to carry the name of a very special puppy, who is now 11 years old. Alpha's There Goes My Baby ["Trish"] was so tiny when she was born that she kept getting pushed away at the 'dinner table' by her much bigger I had to bottle feed her. Had I elected to let Nature take her course, Trish might not have survived. Instead, she grew up to attain three championships and several performance titles and is still competing in Rally Obedience.

Tet  Ev  38"  8" EM
3 branches    15-22 buds

The DAYLILY is fertile both ways and producing interesting 'pups'. Check it out at Dan Bachman's, where it will be a guest plant in 2013.
[$100 per double fan in 2013.]

AKC Champion./UKC GrandChampion
Alpha's There Goes My Baby BN RA VNE

Shown finishing her AKC Championship,
expertly handled by Dominique Mercurio,
my very favorite protege.
Baby Jordan-12 wks old.
Even at this tender age....we knew she would be a star.
AKC Ch./UKC GrCh. Foxboro Party Of One
(Neal Berry X Pink Super Spider)
Dip UF 28" 6.5" mid-season
I work on a very limited basis with dips, having rightly earned the nickname of 'Tet Snob', but I hung onto this pretty thing for years because it just made me feel good. I decided this year I wasn't going to keep it any more, but my best friend, Marilyn, stepped in and saved it. She had wanted to name a daylily for a woman we had both been friends with for many years. Joy Jones was the woman who was responsible for getting us 'into' daylilies. She passed away recently and when I showed this flower to Marilyn she immediately thought it was the perfect one. Especially since both of us had gotten Neal Berry from Joy.

The name came from two places. Joy was a remarkable person who had been into so many things I can't even count. MANY FACES OF JOY also has a lot of 'faces' and you never know which one you will see from one day to the next. It polys with some regularity and is very attractive when it does.

I gave the entire plant to Marilyn, to make room in our garden, but now we have decided to make a small "DIP GARDEN", so I may be asking for a  piece back. If anyone has an interest in owning this flower, I can get you in touch with Marilyn to work out the details.

I never used MFOJ for breeding, so I have no information to share about it's fertility at this time. 
Why I named this flower what I did is obvious to's just not all that 'pretty'. But it performs like a champ, and the curb appeal, [especially planted next to Richard's screaming red AGAINST ALL ODDS] is delightful to the eye. It increases rapidly, has anywhere from 15-30 buds, tall, strong scapes, VERY fertile both ways....a great landscape plant, and is a good parent. Although it has no teeth, it has produced small but defined teeth when bred to a toothy pollen parent.
6.5" blooms, 40" tall, dormant.
$75 per double fan, Spring 2013

Pod parent is a favorite Dan Bachman Chicken On The Run sdlg we call "Uncle Chicken". Pollen is from RED SKELETONS
Return To Sender X Skeezix

Always my favorite from the '07 RTS x Skeezix 'litter', this pretty pink UF was also chosen by Pat Stamile as his favorite from the cross.

Tet Sev 8" x 36" EM

Always gorgeous and easily fertile both ways.